An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away.

But how long can Apple do it for you? 30-35 years of your age. After that Doctor and Apple stays permanently in your life.

Post Covid, health and immunity conscious people have started to take nutraceutical, Yoga/Gym Classes, Intermittent fasting and what not……but…………nutraceutical are now lying on shelf, yoga/gym fees get wasted as always and intermittent fasting time is reducing from 10-12 hours to 2-3 hours.

Consistency is the Key, for the desired results. And consistency is difficult to maintain. Also, as you breach the age range of 35-40 than your immunomodulatory capacity of the body starts diminishing. And slowly the doorway of diseases opens-up, you can blame it on work stress, sedentary lifestyle, your lineage or food habits.  

Wish-Wish-Wishful thinking and nothing is happening to me, this mantra is not going to work for you, nor it has worked for anyone. The biological clock keeps on ticking and silent wear and tear is inevitable.

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Cell Therapy is a promising modern science which has umpteen potential to not only up your immunity but also assist in swift regeneration of your cell, tissues and organ repair.

Viecell Institute of Regenerative Medicine is a Biotech company which uses the Autologous way to increase the Health Span of an individual.


VieCell Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we are the leading healthcare company in India having the experience and expertise to deliver quality healthcare services at an affordable price.

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