YOGA is for Everyday

International Day of Yoga is celebrated to reinforce the importance of Physical and Mental Health.

Yoga is to be in Union with the Universe or Nature. Various yoga posture when practise on daily bases helps us to align our body with the natural forces in which we live. As our body finds it natural rhythm it helps our mind to declutter the thoughts and improves focus. Once the mind is able to focus it helps us to become meditative. Meditation is not a process that we do, meditation is a state that can be achieved once our body and mind get aligned with each other.

So, is it required to toil day in and out in a hermitage somewhere in Himalayan ranges so that one can find the sync with Nature? Can this be done in your living home, staying with your lovely family and peaceful neighbourhood? And in your current physical and mental state?

To begin Yoga no conditions are required.

You start on “as it where it” basis. The day will never arrive and “to do” list will never be completed if you plan to start YOGA from the next day.

You start yoga with Zero goals that are to be achieved in near future. A practitioner of yoga is evolving on time-to-time basis only thing needed is to be consistent in practise.

Once the above is done the body is supported and guided by the natural forces that we live in, no external source of counselling is required. A person in Union with Universe or Nature is never required to be told of Do’s and Don’t on life fundamentals, as common sense prevails with Zero bias in such people.

The Modern life is considered to be fast paced, where the emphasis is more on abundance of wealth and luxuries, therefore one has to devote more time in the commercial activity. We learn, discuss and debate on Economy assuming that our life depends on it, slowly ignoring ecology which actually sustains our life. Ecology here is not Trees, Water, Soil, Air and other resources. Ecology here is the person in whom we considered a Drop of Divinity. We tend to ignore our roots and our source of life that nourishes us and propel the Universe. YOGA is a tool which can help to access one’s ultimate ability as a Human Being.

Therefore, one must establish oneself in YOGA and then life will happen effortlessly.


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