Mind-Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine and Rehabilitation

The ultimate goal of life is to get healthy body and mind. In modern world these days stress has also a major role in aging and disease causation & progression. we will guide on how to control the stress with our advance combination of scientific therapies, which help patients to get rid of diseases. Mind and Body medicine typically focuses on intervention strategies such as hath yoga and breathing techniques.

This transformative activities can improve health in multiple ways. Research studies indicate that mind – body medicine can protect the heart, promote better sleep, boost immunity, ease anxiety and helps patients to manage their symptoms in the disease like cancer,asthma,depression,chronic pain,high blood pressure,irritable bowel syndrome,etc.

it helps by changing your perspective on stressful situations, building skills to manage stress by increasing vagal tone and reducing fight and flight response thus reducing negative thoughts pattern to change perception towards life and imbibe positive attitude towards life.

 Recently Brainwave Entrainment is getting attention from scientific community; assisted form of Meditation is an emerging science of neurology which modulates neural activities by synchronizing brainwave frequencies through audio visual and haptic stimuli to encourage the body’s natural recovery process by emitting Delta. Theta. Alpha. Gamma frequencies for deep relaxation, quality sleep, focused mind and improved physical wellbeing. Brainwave Entrainment helps ease pain and anxiety.

Rehabilitation is the process of helping an individual to achieve the highest level of function, independence and quality of life. Rehabilitation therapies are mostly physical, cognitive, occupational, language and speech and mental health services. Rehabilitation will not only  help in reversing the disease condition but with the integrative approach using cell therapy restores individual to optimal health, function and well being.

At VIECELL, we will make you understand and learn the proper scientific approach and methods of different modalities of mind and body medicine for wellbeing and healing of each individual.

Combine approach of oldest traditional treatment method with the most advance cell therapy

In any disease of the body it is not only the body that gets affected but the disease condition affects mind too. Due to stress there is a hormonal change which starts in the body which hinders the process of healing. So to start our body to heal faster we need to also help our mind to be stress free. There is a long history of our traditional medicines like ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga, meditation and acupressure which are scientifically accepted by the world.  These are considered as oldest methods of treatment. At VIECELL, by combining these traditional proven treatment methods with the most advance therapies in form of cell therapy associated with microbiome correction along with mind & body medicine.we provide the best results to the patients of degenerative diseases by rejuvenating their body and mind. this is a very unique and novel approach which definitely proves to be most effective in the treatment of diseases and with almost no side effects.