Age Repairing And Revitalizing Treatment

Your body is made up of millions and millions of cells. As you age, those cells lose the ability to regenerate and repair themselves which causes your body to change. Your skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity causing wrinkles. Your bones weaken as they become thinner. You lose the ability to maintain and grow muscle. As the cells in your brain die, you begin to lose focus and your memory gets worse. Your immunity is not as strong and you are more susceptible to disease and organ damage.

As your immune system weakens it releases signals that increase inflammation. Physicians can measure inflammation to help predict disease and disability. Controlling inflammation can slow or prevent the progression of diseases and disabilities. You cannot live forever but cell therapy can help slow and even repair the signs of aging. Cell therapy modulates the immune system, reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue.  Our anti aging treatment, restores, revitalizes and hydrates the cells, leaving them firmer& supple and aid in age repair. A combination of PRP (platelet rich plasma), cell therapy and with the soft touch of our traditional ayurveda therapy will help you to feel young from within.  It helps in the repair and regeneration of skin cells, improves blood circulation. This is effective for deep cleansing and which results in more even skin texture. It also reduces the effects of pollution and makes your skin smoother.

You are what you eat. The diet plays very vital role in anti-aging. We will provide you with the perfect chart according to your body condition depending on microbiome data in your gut and other parameters which will provide you with ultimate results. along with that, herbal extracts and supplements containing specific bioactive compounds help  in tissue regeneration.It will also nourish the composition of gut micro biome & its secretions. Furthermore, senolytics, newer form of agents, assist removal of senescent (dead) cells to blunt the ravages of aging. NAD+ boosters, mTOR inhibitors along with AMPK activators  are also very promising signal pathways for antiaging interventions as well as thymus regeneration for immune support modulated by diet and supplements.