Self-Evaluating your Health

Any disease a person suffering from gives its first indication in the Gut. A detail analysis of Gut micro-biome is a very good practice which should be done once a year. A lot many serious life-threatening diseases like cancer, Scleroderma, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, cardio-vascular, pulmonary diseases etc. if detected earlier stand some chance of positive recovery. But not necessary one has to go for compulsory analysis of gut micro-biome if one is healthy and age (30-45) is by their side. One can become more conscious and look for below mention mental and physical indications.

Indication to look for to make the decision of Investment in your Health.

Mental Signs

  1. Heightened Anxiety – You may feel on edge, worried or nervous most of the time.
  2. Difficulty Concentrating – You may feel difficulty in concentrating on tasks or conversations.
  3. Trouble Regulating Emotions – You may feel more sensitive about emotions and may find it difficult to express yourself to others.

Physical Signs

  1. Reduced Immune function – You may find that you get sick very often and take a longer time to recover.
  2. Digestive Issue – You may experience stomach aches, constipation or uneasiness in your body.
  3. Chronic Fatigue – You may feel constantly tired and unable to focus on tasks that require your immediate attention.
  4. Increased use of substances – You may find yourself relying more on drugs or alcohol to cope with stress and anxiety.

A regular annual cycle of cell therapy is a promising new scientific method, one should undergo at-least 3 cycle of cell therapy depending upon their health indicators. Cell Therapy helps your body to regenerate and repair your body cell which leads to a healthier lifestyle.


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