KYO – Know Your Organ – LIVER

The Liver is the 2nd biggest organ in the human body, 2nd only to skin.

It performs hundreds of functions that are vital to our health, making it one of the body’s most important organ.

An average adult liver weighs about 3 pounds. It lies on the body upper right side, behind the lower ribs.

The Liver is made of two main lobes, each with 8 segments containing 1000 smaller lobes or lobules.

Nearly all of the blood in the body circulates through liver.

At any given time, the liver holds 1 pint of blood i.e. 13% of the body’s entire blood supply.

As the blood passes through the Liver, the organ

  1. removes waste and deteriorating cells
  2. absorb and store nutrients
  3. Regulates clotting
  4. Filters and processes chemicals in food and Medicine
  5. Breaks down excess haemoglobin and insulin
  6. Deactivates poisons and toxins like ammonia and bilirubin
  7. Produces cholesterol and critical proteins for blood plasma
  8. Produces Bile, which helps body absorb fat and eliminate waste

What causes Liver Diseases

  1. Genetic Disorder
  2. Viruses
  3. Heavy Drug
  4. Alcohol consumption

Some Diseases cause liver failure, that develops over the period, they are

  1. Hepatitis C
  2. Liver Cirrhosis
  3. Liver Cancer

Acute Liver failure is a special condition that happens suddenly due to

  1. Poisoning
  2. Drug Overdose

Liver Failure is a life-threatening condition, usually transplant is suggested to such patients.

Viecell Institute of Regenerative medicine is a Biotech company working on Cell Therapy, at Viecell Doctors and scientist work on patient suffering from liver diseases which are usually of life-threatening nature. Patients at Viecell undergoes treatment which consist of Cell Therapy, Micro-Biome Correction, Brainwave Entrainment, Cell support supplements and other necessary medication. Such multi-modality approach has been proven to be successful in most of the cases. The time frame for treatment varies from patient to patient .i.e., 3 months to 6 months. The procedure takes around 2-3 hours on day of admission and further cycle are taken on pre-decided future days i.e., Interval of 7, 15, 20 and 30 days respectively.

The improvement in liver functionality can be clinically analyse after 120 days from the start of the treatment, post 60 – 80 days from the treatment patient can feel certain changes like increase in food appetite, reduced brain fog, Increased energy levels, regular bowel habit, etc  

For the treatment to be effective a minimum of 3 cycles are suggested for the disease at preliminary stage, for advanced stages the treatment can go up to 6 cycles. The entire treatment is done with minimally invasive technique and no major surgery is required. The patient is given a diet chat for 90 days and deem fit changes are done on time-to-time basis. Diet plays an important role in treating liver related dis-order.

Liver is the fastest regenerating organ in our body and its responds positively to regenerative treatment like Cell Therapy.

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