How to Increase Health-Span

Humans are living longer and longer. As time passes and medical breakthroughs keep pushing life expectancy forward, scientists say the longest possible average lifespan of a human is 150 years old.

A very famous person has said “It’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years.” One can decode that the emphasis is to live a life that is free from stress and illness.

The key to living a long and enjoyable life is increasing your health span.

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Ideas for Health-Span

Healthspan refers to the period of a person’s life during which they are generally healthy and free from severe or chronic disease. This definition varies from the more traditional focus of medical community – ‘life span’ – which spans the entirety of a human life, including chronic illness.

Life is a race. If you don’t run fast enough, someone will overtake you and move faster.” Famous dialogue from a blockbuster movie 3 idiots. This dialogue summarizes the western ethos that has been widely accepted.

While running the rat race, we are told to do that “works”, we follow our lifelong pursuit of earning Name, Fame & Hoarding of Wealth and Luxuries.

With the advent of technology Know how, our success and wealth creation has been shortened by sizeable years. Every year we see list of people being recognized as “30 under 30”, “40 under 40”, List of young Billionaire, etc.

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Joint Pain and Muscle Tear

In the entire gamut of living a life that we have dreamed about, we often lose on the front of Health, reason been we have always dreamed of living a wealth life not a healthy one, we take inspiration, we feel jealous by looking at the people possession of fancy car, house, pets and even spouse. We take great pride while narrating our achievement by saying despite been the odds in our life in terms of health issue, we still achieved whatever was achieved. If we look closely, it seems the modern society has accepted that its ok if you ignore the health aspect of your life, its ok to pay price in terms of your Health to achieve your dream life.

If something went wrong than you have Mediclaim to cover, you for financial loss and if something terrible goes wrong than you have life insurance to take care of your dependents.

There are other set of people who are the brand-wagon of this concept “yolo” living a rampant life. Often you find them saying they don’t fear the death, without even experiencing a life lived as bed ridden because of disease. Such is the shallow concept and understanding that a modern society has picked up in reference to our Health and Overall wellbeing.

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Heavy Alcoholics prone to Cirrhosis

We all know the importance of living a balance life, but very often we are able to follow it. Humans in general are known to giving a knee jerk reaction, we don’t react till the calamity hits us on our face. But thanks to the research that is taking concreate steps in field of regenerative medicine, now our own cell has come to our rescue, now our own cell will act as our protective shield to save us from the silent wear and tear that keeps on happening in our body as we age.

An annual cell therapy should be undertaken by a person who’s is above 35 years of age and has average to healthy indicators of general health report.

At Viecell Institute of Regenerative Medicine, an integrated approached is practice to treat and maintain our health, Cell Therapy is suggested along with Gut-biome analysis, and Mind & Body Medicine. It’s very important for one to stay healthy through natural and regenerative means as it has no side effects in long run.  


VieCell Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we are the leading healthcare company in India having the experience and expertise to deliver quality healthcare services at an affordable price.

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