Cellular Immunotherapy becomes boon for Breast Cancer Patient aged 80 years

Kamuben Patel, age 80 was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2023, her condition was already fragile, upset with the current condition her family members were unsure about the way forward, as doctor suggested not to opt for any chemo or radiation therapy.

Facing the wall, the family was suffering emotionally as they couldn’t see any ray of hope, but had to find out a way. Many friends and relatives suggested them to opt for alternative medicine but unsure about its effectiveness they gave it a pass. Continuing to find the solution they happen to come across information on Cell Therapy.

Initially they rejected the thought of considering Cell Therapy as a treatment option as a disease like cancer who’s underlying nature is excessive growth of Cell that leads to death, for it Cell Therapy cannot be a solution, but one of their relatives suggested them to find out in-depth details and visit Viecell Institute of Regenerative Medicine which is situated in Surat, Gujarat.

With morsel of hope they visited the Cell Therapy Hospital to dig deep about the possible treatment and were surprise to find out the advancement in modern medicine. Doctors at Viecell explained them the treatment protocol for Cancer disease, it is a minimally invasive technique where a patient is admitted for 3-4 hours for the procedure and discharged on the same day.

Viecell Institute of Regenerative Medicine offer Cellular Immunotherapy treatment to its admitted patients, Cellular Immunotherapy NK Cells are derived from the patient’s blood that is extracted before the start of the treatment, further the extracted cells are processed in the state- of- the- art technology lab and then infused back in the patient’s body through the Intravenous route. A minimum of 6-8 cycle (Injections) are suggested to patients depending upon the nature and severity of the cancer. The treatment duration is usually for 60-90 days, post that clinical reports are suggested for further evaluation.

In case of Kamuben Patel after 6 cycle there was no new tumour growth and there was improvement in her condition, thrilled by her recovery it was verified with clinical reports which revealed no sign of benign lymph-nods. Doctors at Viecell have taken the study forward and discussing it with Biotech scientific community to further explore the treatment protocol in tumour cancers.

The successful results in case of Kamuben Patel has paved way for further research on Cellular Immunotherapy and has given hopes for millions who are suffering from the most lethal disease of our times.             

Oncologist Doctors and Biotech researchers can contact Viecell team on 90012 90028 to learn more about the case study


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